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Our pillars of Partnership - Commitment, Trust and Hard Work.
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Our Mission
At Fortaleza Concrete our goal is to deliver the absolute best in concrete construction with the purpose of establishing and continuing long term
relationships with our clients.

We achieve this goal by strictly adhering to the pillars of Partnership - Commitment, Trust and Hard Work.

About Us

Established in 2012, Fortaleza Concrete is an MBE certified with the state of Connecticut Open Shop Commercial Contractor that provides services in the Cast in Place Concrete segment of Construction within Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Our primary level of work falls within Commercial, Municipal, Private, Institutional, State & Federal projects.
Fortaleza literally translates to Fortress. We chose this name as a symbol of the underlying purpose that is carried within the human trait; and that is to protect what we have. In general, there is not a single fortress in this world not made in concrete, thus Fortress, and Concrete can be synonymous to one another. We at Fortaleza know that Concrete is a work of Art. It is one of the few trades in Construction in which the product you work with is only workable within a certain amount of time. We can-not walk away from a concrete pour until we know it is completed with perfection. Like a tattoo, concrete does not go away, and we treat every placement as such.

Our Workers... The Success of Continuity
Fortaleza is a Company built by Men and Women that provide the best quality of work that anyone can ask for. Our Project Leaders, Carpenters,
Masons, Laborers, Iron-workers each carry many years of experience under their belts, and all work within the Merit Philosophy concept that work ”well done” is what truly brings Success of Continuity.


Vertical Construction

From retaining walls, to building foundations (frost, and high), anything that’s vertical CIP falls within our area of expertise. Our foundation crews carry many years of experience delivering sometimes the most complex structures. We carry the proper equipment including the Total Station system, as well as formwork system to deliver very structure you are looking to build. Our crews emphasis on quality cannot be overstated. Only safety comes ahead. Please review our ongoing/complete project links for pictures of what we construct.

Horizontal Construction
We are very fortunate enough to have a flatwork crew that not only delivers top quality interior slabs, but also deliver what we call the best in site concrete. Between placing slabs with high FF/FL requirements, and pouring decorative concrete walks, concrete walks, curbs, pavers, granite, pc curbs, you will always find the same crew performing these operations. Besides the many years of experience our crew has, we also carry the proper equipment to deliver project requirements.

Hybrid Experience
We believe in merit. A vast number of our workers began with a hammer in their hands, and because of their desire to learn, and hard work are able to perform various aspects of this trade. It is not uncommon to find our workers form and pour walls on a Monday, and the same crew pour slabs the following day. Our Leaders depend on their crew for delegation of complex procedures, and achieve this by training them. By doing so, The Leader is then able focus on safety, quality, and production. It is this protocol that allows project schedules to be maintained. This is what allows mobility and future advancement within the organization. By being diversified, we follow through with our commitment to you, and do so safely, and with precision.


  • All of our workforce at least carry an OSHA10 certification to every one of our Projects.

  • Weekly Safety meetings are held, and meetings cover job specific safety risks and measures. Meetings do not end unless all risks are dealt with.

  • We emphasize the importance of being aware of our surroundings, and other trades while we work. While we depend on our own force to work safe, we also look out for all workers at the jobsite, and ensure that safety is not bounded to just ourselves.

  • It is the utmost responsibility of every man and woman within our crews to inspect all of our equipment, and to conform to ALL regulations pertaining to Safety.

  • We look out after one another knowing that the most important aspect of our work, is to come home safely every day to our families. Safety always triumphs above all other aspects of our work.
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